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The Score Takes Care Of Itself: Book Summary

The first time I read this book, it blew my mind.

The Score Takes Care Of Itself by Bill Walsh is a close look at the management style and philosophy of a coach that won 3 Super Bowls.

It’s valuable because it was full of things that are the complete opposite of what the media, press, TED talks and Medium bloggers tells you to do.

Bill shows that leadership is completely different from being a brilliant technician. And to be a great leader, you have to change your mindset and accept a lot of counter-intuitive ideas.

Here are 5 such counter-intuitive ideas from the book.

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Ultimate Sales Machine by Chet Holmes: Book Summary

ultimate sales machine book summary

I enjoyed The Ultimate Sales Machine by Chet Holmes because it was very self-aware.

As Chet himself notes in the earlier chapters, the advice he gives is stuff EVERYONE has heard before. But what makes the difference in this book is how Chet gives you practical examples so you can “see” them in action.

Here’s the 8 biggest takeaways from the book.

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Influencer Marketing Case Studies That Built 7-Figure Brands

With so many ways to build a following today, the world is swimming with influencers.

As you’ll see in the influencer marketing case studies below, some companies have found ways to successfully tap into influencers, building 7-figure brands in the process.

These are my notes from 3 interviews with ecommerce entrepreneurs and marketers who drove sales with influencer programs.

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Crossing The Chasm – A Quick Summary (With Examples)

Imagine that your company’s revenue has flatlined, or growth has stalled.

You keep running experiments, but none of them are working out.

Your current playbook is no longer working as well as it used to.

Well, Geoffrey Moore would tell you that you’re in the Chasm: a pit of despair that a lot of companies (especially B2B tech companies) inevitably find themselves in, an eventually have to dig themselves out of.

In his book Crossing The Chasm, Moore helps you figure out how to get past the chasm — or avoid it in the first place.

Here’s my notes and takeaways from the book.

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A Simple Daily Journal Template That Will Kickstart Your Day

I was skeptical when I first heard about journaling.

“Journal? Why would I write in a diary? That’s for teenage girls!”

I was really dismissive in the beginning.

But over time, I started seeing a pattern from studying the habits of people I looked up to:

They all have some kind of journaling or meditation practice. 

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10 Marketing, Sales and Company Growth Lessons From Jason Lemkin

If you’re building a B2B SaaS business today — it’s impossible to ignore Jason Lemkin.

Jason has been through a lot as a founder (notably SaaStr, EchoSign/Adobe), and has seen a lot as a VC. His advice is priceless for people who are running teams. He’s not your guy for tactical advice (“how to close a sale”) but he’s definitely your guy for strategy and management advice (“how to hire a sales leader who will help you increase sales by 20% every month”).

Here’s 10 things I’ve learned from Jason over the years.

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Noah Kagan’s 4-Step Marketing and Product Launch Plan

I’m a fan of Noah Kagan because he’s repeatedly proven that he can launch successful businesses.

Noah got Mint off the ground, launched Gambit, and is now working on 7 and 8-figure companies Appsumo and Sumo.

Successful people like Noah operate in patterns. If you look closely, you can see them and learn from what they’re doing.

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The Advanced Guide to Marketing Like Neil Patel

This blog is all about studying the best marketers in the game, then breaking down their approach in order to learn from them.

And I can’t think of a better person to begin with than Neil Patel.

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